old town

  1. jlarrabee

    Craigslist find old town

    Hey Guys, One of my friends is selling his canoe. Just trying to spread the word a little more. It is a 1964 OTCA Old Town. Gorgeous. Seats need some work. Definitely a good buy. Located in Kennebunkport Maine. Definitely a usable canoe, not a show piece. This is the craigslist ad...
  2. K

    serial number info Old town 80417 - 17

    Hi, I am cleaning out my dad's cottage garage in Detour Michigan as he sadly recently passed away and there is an old town canoe that I need to sell with the serial number above. He thought it was made around 1925. I don't even know what type it is. The boat is in good original shape, original...
  3. D

    Old Town 17' OTCA canoe serial number search

    We purchased the canoe in 1956 and believe it was shipped to Youngstown, Ohio in 1952. It has been repainted and the seats have been recaned, but otherwise the canoe is in original, well cared for condition and is still being used. It was loaned to the Illinois Department of Tourism in the 1980s...
  4. Norm Hein

    Serial # 164148

    I am buying a "Old Town" canoe with this serial#164148. The family story isn' quite mathcing up with the canoe. I figure it was made in the mid/late fifties. The seller is saying 1948. It has a metal Old Town badge on it and I thought thouse didn't come out until much later. As far as I can see...
  5. W

    Build Record Request - or anything you can tell me

    I just picked this amazing canoe up off Craigslist this morning and the plan is to restore her this winter. First step is to discover what she is! I believe she may be an Old Town. After some gentle sanding I was able to pick up a serial number that I believe reads 1678395. Any information...
  6. Howie

    Old Town questions. Help please Benson!

    Benson! I just picked up an Old Town serial # 121969-16. Can you tell me what I lucked into? What a great day - I was recanvassing a canoe in the morning, and while taking a break I checked CraigsList & see this Old Town canoe for $100. 2 hours later & it's mine! It's in great shape -...
  7. jlarrabee

    Old Town? Rowboat

    Hey guys, I am trying to barter with a guy with a old rowboat. From the pictures it needs restoration, and looks similar to Old Towns I've seen. I am currently try to get the serial number from the guy, but can one of you more Old Town Savy guys ID this old girl.
  8. L

    Seaking information on 20ft Old Town Canoe

    Serial number 125576. We believe its a 1938. Has some extra options that we are not sure are original. any help is appreciated!
  9. S

    Old Town 1971 fg Serial # 187995F Can anyone give me an in depth history PLEASE?

    Recently purchased this canoe and like it very much....any input on its history would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Old_Paddler

    Old Town OCTA SN 80058 -17

    I suspect this canoe is from 1923. I bought it today, the guy who had it bought it and another canoe in 1975 with the intentions of restoring both. Both hung in his garage until he started on the other canoe a couple of years ago, this one finally came out of the garage this year. From what...
  11. Old_Paddler

    Two wood canoes (Old Town?) in Allendale, NJ in need of rescue $125 each

    There is a guy in Allendale, NJ that has Old Town Canoes posted for $125 each. I AM NOT THE PERSON SELLING THESE. He had 3, I bought a 1937 Carleton from him that was so badly rotted that I salvaged the bolts, seats, thwarts and inner gunwales and burned the rest. Yes, it was that bad, and...
  12. M

    Old Town Serial # 154054 18

    Looking for any details on my recently acquired vintage Old Town. Thanks, Matt H
  13. B

    Serial # Search

    I have a very nice 16' Old Town with serial # 166530. Would appreciate any info available.
  14. J

    How Much of a Project?

    My wife and I are considering this OT canoe (still trying to zero in on exactly what year/model). This picture shows the rotted ribs forward of the forward seat. I assume all of these will need to be replaced. We have worked on wooden boats quite a bit but never on a canoe, and we're trying to...
  15. J

    Old Town Square Stern Canoe

    I'm trying to ID an Old Town square stern canoe. Here are some photographs. I'm having a hard time with the serial number, which looks something like 760 15 with maybe "PB" hand carved after the serial number. I didn't have a tape on me, but I paced it out at around 20'. Any assistance would be...
  16. C

    Serial Number help

    Not sure if anyone can help me with this or not, I'm looking at restoring what is being described as a a 1911 Old Town Heavy water. I am really new to this whole thing, I can't make out what this serial number is? 10730 16... from what I'm guess that could be a 1911, but the first 0 is what I'm...
  17. S

    109560 Old Town 16'

    This Canoe just came up on my local Craigslist, it looks like it could be a great first restoration project. There is little info available from the seller, it's been used as a theater prop. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  18. M

    Old Town 18'

    I just recently purchased an Old Town canoe, I'm wondering if anyone can find this build sheet or any additional information for me? Serial number is: 62232 18 Thanks
  19. T

    1940s Old Town square stern canoe/boat

    Any ideas what this old boat may be worth if I were to sell as is with an EZ Load Trailer? My rehab project just isn't going to happen. Thanks!
  20. D

    Old Town 16 foot 17504 8 16

    Have an old Town i think 16 foot . serial number 17505 8 16. ( I had this info but lost it .) I am interested in any information but am trying to figure out what the wood used for the inner and outer gunwales i s. It looks like mahogany...