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  1. O

    Old Town Penobscot hull identification number help

    Hi. I recently acquired (for free) a blue, 16' 1" OT Penobscot with HIN #XTC96417H788. It's been under a bridge next to a stream for many years and the thwarts, yoke and and cane seats were rotten (all the wood was recently removed), but the vinyl gunwales and plastic decks are fine. The hull...
  2. G

    Outwalls For Old Town Trapper 17

    I'm sorry, I bet this is somewhere in the forums, but I did look first! I'm replacing the outwalls (gunnels) of an Old Town Trapper 17, 1962 wood with factory fiberglass skin. I'd like to know what wood was used so I can keep this as close to original as possible. Many thanks.
  3. R

    Hello From The Not-so-wilds-anymore Of Brantingham Lake, Ny

    Hi, all. I just discovered this forum and am looking forward to reading a lot of the older posts, as well. My grandfather loved wooden boats. When I was a kid, we had 5 of them: two Adirondack lapstrake rowboats, a 1924 Old Town wood/canvas canoe with mahogany trim, a Barnegat Bay sneak box...
  4. T

    Working On An Old Town Square Stern Boat...

    Good morning, I recently picked up a 16' Old Town Square Stern Model. I am looking to paint and varnish the canoe myself and I am looking to have some pieces (a deck, seats) made by a builder/restorer that I found on the WCHA commercial directory. My 1st question is... where would you start...
  5. M

    Old Town Canoe 4' Original Antique Store Display At Auction

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/323140073621 Straight from a NY Estate. Auction ends Tuesday, March 13th at 10:05
  6. Howie

    Old Town Rowing Seat w/ Foot Brace

    Got bored with the snow & cold so I refinished this rowing seat & foot brace. It came with a 1906 OT HW project I picked up a few months ago. The seat straddles the rails which measure 12 7/8" wide & 48" long. The seat itself measures 15 1/2" wide & 14 5/8" deep and can be placed anywhere...
  7. M

    Info requested re: Carleton/Old Town

    I've recently acquired a canoe without a builder's plate. It's 16' with a heart-shaped deck and a carry thwart in the bow, making me think it's a Carleton. Bow and stern are very curved like the Old Town Otca model. Serial # is 11000. Any info/documents/history about this canoe would be most...
  8. kwalispecial

    Where to find SN - OT Double-ender

    Hey, just found the forum and I'm excited to see there is so much history available on these boats! My family has an old OT double-ender, probably from the 30's give or take. I know they'd love to hear where it cam from and when. Where do you find the serial number on these boats? Thanks!
  9. Howie

    1925 Carleton

    Just finished another one done: a 1925 17' Carleton. I picked it up in Pennsylvania this January when we had a forecast of good weather for a day or so (thanks for the heads-up Mike C.). The canoe originally had sponsons and had been fiberglassed (with up to 4 fabric layers in some places!)...
  10. Howie

    Old Town Otca completed...

    Thanks to a relatively warm winter I was able to complete the 18' 1937 Otca "AA" Grade I picked up last October. It had a ton of white paint slathered on it. Most of the paint came off, though I found it impossible to get the stuff out of scratches without losing a lot of wood! On the bright...
  11. M

    Old Town Canoe

    Old Town S/N: 14739 This canoe has been in the family since the 20's. My grandfather bought it second hand when it was a few years old. I am looking to see what the value might be. I need to decide if I want to sell it or keep it and restore it. Any information would be greatly appreciated...
  12. Howie

    Ta Da again. A 1967 Old Town Otca...

    ...rescued from basket-case-dom. Came out kinda nice. After 17+ canoes I'm starting to get the hang of this restoration thing!
  13. T

    Old Town info please

    I'm the second generation owner of a beautiful green Old Town, Serial Number 8175554 17 recently restored by Dave Osborn at Little Lakes Canoe Restoration in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. I'd like to track down more information about it. Thanks.
  14. HudsonRiver

    Old Town 25 ft War Canoe serial #104847 do you have info?

    Hi, Looking for info on a 25 ft war canoe appears to be an old town. Serial was hard to read and appears to be 104847 Would be appreciative of any info you might have for this. Thanks
  15. H

    18' OT Guide Canoe Serial #133292 - Looking for the full history!

    Hello WCHA! We just had our 18' OT Guide Canoe restored and are looking for the year created and any other history of Serial #133292 Here is an image of the restoration by McFarland Lake Canoes in Olympia, WA. Thanks for your help! Hannah Letincih hletinich@yahoo.com West Seattle, Washington
  16. M

    Old town recently purchased #148241

    Just purchased an Old Town 18 ft canoe. Would love to know who restored it and any other information available. When was it made? Whoever restored it did beautiful work. It is a piece of art.
  17. Rod Tait (Orca Boats)

    Old town stems/inwale joint

    Need photo of the joinery at the stem tip where inwales meet on circa 1963 18' Guide. They are completely gone on the canoe I am restoring so no reference. Is it similar to chestnuts with stem post having notch. just butt up under inwales or something else? Would like it brought back to proper...
  18. B

    Looking for information on Old Town Canoe otca 16' 1978 - serial number 216191-16

    I am looking for information on this Old Town wooden canoe, serial number #216191-16. Purchased in 1978, pristine condition.
  19. E

    25 ft. Old Town Repairs

    Hi all, I am working on a 25 ft. wood and canvas Old Town canoe from the 1960's. The reoccurring issue is that each season moisture gets trapped between the wood and the canvas of the canoe and then freezes during the winter and tears holes in the canvas. In the past we have mended the tears...
  20. jlarrabee

    3 Maine Canoes

    Hey Guys and Gals, My father and I just went and picked up 3 more canoes out of a barn. (the number I have almost exceeds my age). I need a little help from you fine folks trying to figure out what they are. The smallest is made of red cedar and looks rather old. It shows signs of rail caps...