old town

  1. J

    Seeking Build Record for OT #156743 15.

    Looking for any information about the history of this canoe, which we picked up at the Brimfield antique fair in the 1990s. We think it's a 50 Pounder. We are beginning repair/restoration. Thanks! Jon Lynes
  2. Bob Holtzman

    1941 OT Guide, Never Used

    Maine Maritime Museum's 50th anniversary exhibit includes this 20' 1941 Old Town Guide that has never been in the water. I've posted a bit of its history and more photos on my blog, Indigenous Boats: http://indigenousboats.blogspot.com/2012/12/1941-old-town-guide-never-used.html
  3. B

    old town serial number 110256-17

    a friend gave me this canoe, i think it is in pretty good shape for restoring. if you could post any info on it, that would be great and thank you for your time. this will be my first wood canoe restoration so iv'e got some researching to do. i will post pics soon. thanks again...
  4. M

    Old Town Serial Number help request

    My father is giving me an Old Town canoe with serial number 17759 - 15. He believes he bought it around 1975. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. michael
  5. J

    beginning '47 OT canoe restoration - newbie questions

    I have an OT canoe that needs new inwales & outwales, decks and stems. I am mostly worried that the canoe will lose it's shape when I am disassembling it. I am thinking of just cutting off the forward and rear-most couple of feet of the gunwales and using temporary battens screwed across the...
  6. J

    107497 17 enquiry

    My father-in-law has kept 107497_17 in the barn rafters for years. Sound familiar? Now, with barn cleaned out, we're deciding what to do with it. It's not useable, but otherwise looks sound for restoration, better than I thought. Has a small Abercrombie&Fitch VonLengerke&Antoine tag. Also...
  7. M

    Old Town Canoe

    Hi, I currently have in my possession an Old Town canoe that is about 16 ft. and it is green. I believe it is made out of fiberglass. The serial number that I found on it is XTC55435M84F. According to the HIN, it should have been made before Aug 1st, 1984. Thank you
  8. M

    Old Town 130280 16 Info Request

    I'm looking for historical info linked to Old Town canoe 130280 16. Thanks for your time, John
  9. M

    Old Town White Cap Sailboat

    I am the lucky new owner of a White Cap Sailboat. Looking for any and all info or links that can help me with restoring the little guy as well as history on these boats. I am attempting to locate serial number etc. right now. Have read up on R. Manry's transatlantic trip on Tinkerbelle. Past...
  10. Y

    Serial Number Search Old Town 16ft Wood & Canvass

    Can anyone tell me info re: serial number 146725 on my 16 ft Old Town Wood & Canvass Canoe? I'm mostly interested in how old it is and was also wondering where this info is available from? Is ther somewhere on the web that I can automatically look this info up as well?
  11. P

    Old town identification

    I have started restoring an Old Town canoe that has been in Oklahoma some 50 years or more. I belong to a family club that has a lodge and cabins on a creek in eastern Oklahoma. The Lodge was built in 1917 for families to escape the heat of the summers. It remains a wonderful getaway with...
  12. J

    Old Town Wood Canvas

    I recently acquired a wood canvas canoe. Serial number on the bow and stern stems looks like 36548. I could be missing a lead number but the last 5 I'm sure of. Can anyone tell me when this canoe was made? I believe it's an Old town but am not sure. Thanks
  13. T

    Build record for Carleton sn 4176 18

    This canoe has decks that indicate Old Town, but after contacting the company, the Old Town build record does not match the properties of this canoe. Therefore, I think it may be a Carleton. It appears to have mahogany decks and gunwales (capped). A build record will satisfy my curiosity...
  14. 1

    Old Town Canoe Maine 13 feet serial number 161954

    Hello, Would like to know all I can about my canoe. From reading other postings, I gather that it was build c. 1954 and it is called a 50 pounder. It is green and we still use it. Bought it at an auction years ago in the Middle of the Lower Pennisula of Michigan. It is a green 13 Footer...
  15. N

    Old Town serial number

    103815 16 This canoe belonged to my grandfather. I am told he bought it in California during his service in the Navy, 50's probably. Center thwart has a hole that excepted a mast for sailing, now missing. I am in the process of striping it for restoration including replacing several ribs. I...
  16. W

    Old Town brass plate serial 145845 16

    I have a canoe that has lost its paper record, but along the center board in the front of the canoe this serial number is engraved. 145845 16 . It also has a brass plate set in the front with the name Old Town MA Robert Robert Ronhock. Any information would be great. Thanks db
  17. G

    Old Town Paint Pattern #7

    I am restoring a 1924 Old Town and want to paint scheme #7. Has anyone painted this design? Does anyone have a full size pattern for a 17' canoe? ~ Richard
  18. C

    Old Town #185815

    I realize that this canoe isn't exactly wooden, however it's a very interesting model that Old Town produced sometime in the late 60's. I'm from Northern Maine and lived in Old Town for a few years in college. I found this canoe on sawhorses outdoors uncovered at my fiances' uncles house. It had...