old town

  1. C

    Old Town Discovery 169

    Hello, We’re looking to sell our Old Town Discovery 169 canoe. Can anyone help us decipher what this serial number means? Tried doing some research to figure it out but I’m a bit confused. Thanks! Chris
  2. E

    Researching an Old Town from VT

    Hi, this Old Town has been at our family camp in Vermont and I am looking for information about it! I know it was sold from Edgar Chiott and there are pictures of my grandmother in it when she was young- so we are thinking 1930s? Anyone know the model?
  3. D

    Old Town 16’

    Hello I’m hoping to gain a little more information about a canoe I recently inherited… purchased by my father’s father. It’s an Old Town wood and canvas. The serial number is 182544 … length is 16’. I’m currently transporting it from NC to WY and will do any restoration there. Would love to...
  4. Ramsgrade

    How much paint to use on my 1940 Yankee

    Just wondering how much paint it takes to put 4 coats of paint on the hull of my restoration 16' Old town Yankee? One Gallon? Thanks,
  5. E

    New Member Checking In

    Hi all -- We're in the process of re-covering (truth be told: has become a bit of a restoration as well) our "family" Old Town canoe. I remembered that 35+ years ago we'd called Old Town and they'd mailed us a copy of the 1927 (??) bill of sale. It's fun to learn that the internet has become...
  6. MGC


    Benson, could you share a 1990 Old Town catalogue page? If I understand HIN correctly, this will be Johnson Outdoors (Old Town) build number 45847, January 9, 1990. It is a 15 foot Royalex Pathfinder. I'm a sucker for OT Royalex! If I include my Snapper kayak, this is the 12th one that has...
  7. T

    Value of 1952 Old Town Whitecap 13.5

    Hello, new to this group and forum. Can someone chime in and give some general advice on the value of this boat? Are these boats desirable if restored because she is a sister boat to the famous "Tinkerbelle"? I am looking into buying a Whitecap that likely fits into the category of: Useable as...
  8. K

    What are they worth?

    Hi! I am new here! I have received 2 Old Town boats - I believe 1 canoe & 1 row boat - that were purchased by my great grandfather in July of 1973. One is a special order 18’ canoe and one is a 18’ guide old town. I have all the original receipts and paperwork, mail, pamphlets, etc. The canoe...
  9. A

    Hoping for records on Old Town canoe 139254 (17?)

    I'm thinking about my first canoe restoration project and getting close to buying an Old Town canoe with serial number 139254 (17?)... the last two digits aren't visible. Any info or advice anyone could lend would mean a lot.
  10. F

    Serial number search OT 20055 ?

    Hi all, Just picked up this old canoe, it needs restoration (I think I’m ready to start this journey…). Can someone provide any information? Previous owner described it as a 1914 17’ Old Town HW. Thanks in advance. Frank
  11. Randy Barlow

    Old Town 81366 17

    I'm starting to think about restoring my grandfather's Old Town canoe... Serial number 81366 17. Can I get some information on it? This canoe has seen better days, but I am looking forward to learning about how to do this. I've restored cars and motorcycles, but this is my first wooden canoe.
  12. R

    Early 1980s Old Town Tripper serial code lookup

    Hi there, I recently acquired an older OT Tripper and was directed this way from another forum as a possible means of looking up more info regarding this boat according to its serial number. It's a bit hard to read on the hull but I believe the code is XTC45730M83B. I think it might be old...
  13. safisher

    MN Lake Country Greetings

    Hello All, I’ve been a quiet member since I joined last fall. Reading and learning from all of you has been a great way to enjoy winter evenings. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It's time to get my canoe project on the books. * * * I’m an old house guy, so spring & summer...
  14. Ryan Feero

    My Family Legacy and an Old Town Tripper XTC48665M830G

    Hello WCHA! My name is Ryan and my grandpa was born in Bangor and grew up in Alton, Maine just 10 miles from Old Town. My family were potato farmers in Alton and my grandpa used to talk about the Penobscot, Old Town, and what it was like growing up there. He eventually came to Oklahoma City...
  15. P

    Old Town Serial Number Search

    Hello, the serial number is 46074 16 Thanks Palma
  16. R

    Need basic gunwale/rails help for my 1911 HW old town

    Hey everyone, I'm ready to canvas and put replacement gunwales on my boat. It's an 18' CS model with 'closed spruce rails'. I'm completely unsure what the pieces and profiles are to cover the edge of the canvas. Attached is a closeup of the inwale and cedar siding, and a diagram of the 2 ways I...
  17. Mark Conley

    1929 old town octa 17 30+ years in a barn

    has been in a barn for 30+ years pretty good shape considering see pics
  18. Gregory Lindsay

    Canadienne 17'

    Was gifted a 17ft OT Canadienne Canoe from a family member. It looks to have a kevlar layer due to the tone on the inside but I can't be sure. The.. what I assume is royalex seems to be a little faded and brittle but otherwise in good shape. Just did a 3 day trip with a few rapids and put it to...
  19. sam.p

    Old town Ideal

    Need build sheet for Old Town 71462
  20. B

    S/N Search 34861, 1980 Old Town Canoe

    I’ve been offered a canoe, which I intend to give to my college-age granddaughter. All I have to do is go pick it up, but I’d like to know some more about it before making the 100 mile drive. So far all I know is that it’s 16 ft and from 1980. I also have a couple of pics and the S/N. 34861...