Value of 1952 Old Town Whitecap 13.5


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Hello, new to this group and forum.
Can someone chime in and give some general advice on the value of this boat? Are these boats desirable if restored because she is a sister boat to the famous "Tinkerbelle"?

I am looking into buying a Whitecap that likely fits into the category of:
Useable as is more or less:

The 2nd owner says:
Well Loved Classic 1952 Old Town Whitecap 13.5' Cedar on Ash lapped strake sail boat. Good mast, good spars, newer transom newer decking and newer coaming, all brass hardware, needs paint. Original sails in OK condition. Meticulously maintained, stored winterized last two seasons.

I have not seen the boat yet. I will check for any records, markings and take pictures if I move forward.

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Benson Gray

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Welcome, you could not post a reply directly to the valuation thread because the FAQ section is set to read only. Those comments were written for wooden canoes but most of the principles will apply in this case. The price range will be much more broad because small wooden sail boats like this can be expensive to repair and the market is much smaller. The one advertised on Facebook in Randolph seems reasonable if it is in good shape. Most people today don't remember the "Tinkerbelle" story so that connection probably won't add much value now. The messages about another example at may be helpful. You can post the serial number here if you would like a copy of the build record. Good luck,



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Thank you Benson, very helpful know your perspective on the small wooden sailboat market. This forum has been a tremendous help already. The Whitecap in Randolph is the one I am looking at. I'll try to gather the serial number and go from there.

Mike Sleeper

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Hi Folks, jumping in to this thread. My son is restoring a Whitecap in boatbuilding school and we are looking for a Whitecap that we can get some measurements of off. Any help would be much appreciated.
Mike Sleeper, Marshfield MA