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Ernest Child

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi all -- We're in the process of re-covering (truth be told: has become a bit of a restoration as well) our "family" Old Town canoe. I remembered that 35+ years ago we'd called Old Town and they'd mailed us a copy of the 1927 (??) bill of sale. It's fun to learn that the internet has become involved! I am excited to discover the WCHA.

Me and most of "the family" live in the Maine Midcoast.


Canoe Grampa
Welcome Ernest and John, you'll find these forums a wealth of information partnered with many very knowledgeable and helpful people. As a hobbyist whose being restoring old wood canoes for many years I find you can get an answer to most questions you might have, with a search in these forums. Then if you are still stuck a new post will bring a quick response with all you'll need to solve the problem.
Best of luck with the restoration be sure to post pictures as you proceed.


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Ernest, John,

Welcome to the WCHA. As was stated by Gary above, you will find these forums chuck full of useful info and people willing to offer advice for almost any problem encountered. Check out the local chapters. Maybe there is one within striking distance of where you live.