1. BloomR

    1950’s Bob special project

    Hi folks. I am new to the forum although I have been browsing It for a couple or years in anticipation of getting going on some restoration projects. I have a couple of 1950’s era Chestnut and Peterborough 15 footers recently acquired and I hope to get going on them this summer. These will be my...
  2. piedog70

    18' Chestnut

    I have an 18 foot Chestnut canoe that I acquired in the early 1990's and restored it shortly afterwards. I believe it is a Voyageur from the Prospector series but I am no authority. Out of interest, I would like a more definitive identification and have posted to this forum for some help. The...
  3. Jim Eckler

    Chestnut #36 9738

    Let me share some pictures and ask a few questions, please, about my new Chestnut wood/canvas canoe restoration project. I think it is a Bob's Special. It is 15' max length with a 34 3/4" beam (canvas to canvas). Ribs are 2 3/8" wide (maybe 2 1/4") and spaced 1 1/2" apart; they are 1/4" deep...
  4. J

    Chestnut Identification Issues

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the site and have not had a lot of time in looking around so this may have been covered somewhere else! Here is my issue. I bought a Chestnut canoe which I was told was purchased in 1967. At some point someone did some pretty shitty repairs. I picked it up for...
  5. R

    Chestnut Kruger lines?

    Can anyone advise me how I can find a lines plan for the Kruger? I want to adapt the Kruger to a skin-on-frame construction. A friend, who owns a Kruger but doesn't live nearby, sent me a picture of a lines plan taken from a Roger MacGregor book "When the Chestnut was in Flower", but no...
  6. Grizzle

    Chestnut 17ft Y stern identification help please

    Having repaired just one cedar canvas canoe my friends assume I'm an expert ( I wish!) I've been asked for advice about repairing a Chestnut Y stern and I'd be very grateful if anyone can help with its identity and likely age. I can find no marks on stems or wherever I'm afraid. Photos are...
  7. M

    I too am new

    I just bought an old wood and canvas canoe and was encouraged to join WCHA by my friend Bruce Clark in Edmonton (he also said to give him a plug). My plan is to restore the canoe using, as much as possible, the same materials and techniques used to build it in the first place. First order of...
  8. A

    Chestnut: Has Anyone Seen This Id Tag Before?

    I just picked up another old canoe. I believe it is a Chestnut. Under the forward seat is a wooden ID tag screwed to the inside of the canoe with some information stamped into it. I would like to try and identify the model and approximate year of the canoe if anyone can help. I appears that...
  9. jlarrabee

    Sharpe Or Chestnut?

    Hello All! I bought back in May in Lewiston, Maine a Wood and Fiberglass (I know, I know) Square Stern Canoe. I got it for a fair deal judging it was all original and needed very minor work (Paint). I looked it over knowing Chestnuts and Grand Lakers but could not figure out what it was when I...
  10. M

    Identifying a Chestnut

    I have a 15' Chestnut with width canvas to canvas at the gunwales 31-1/2" and widest point 33-1/2". Depth from the top of the thwart(bottom of inwale) to planking 14-3/4". Ribs 1-1/2 " wide spaced 1-1/2" apart edge to edge(3/8" thick) classic up-bend of gunwales 18" from the bow(and stern) Major...
  11. R

    Trying to figure out what Canoe this is

    As my wife says, I have taken on another mistress! I have only had her a week but I know it's true love (see pics). I recently found and purchased a cedar canvas canoe that has me pondering as to what it is. I think it is a Chestnut, as the decks have the concave arc cut, with the underside...
  12. R

    I think it is a chestnut prospector canoe??

    I recently purchased a wood canvas canoe that I want to refinish. I have been a lifelong paddler, but this will be the first boat I will refinish. I am starting to do the research on the boat so that I can try to ensure it is finished as close to the original build as possible and need some...
  13. Y

    "New" pre-fire? Chestnut Bobs/Bantam canoe..

    Hello ALL, A couple of weeks ago I purchased what I thought was a pre-fire Chestnut Bobs (introduced 1916), or more likely Bantam (open gunnels) in EXC, completely original, unrestored condition; now I'm not completely sure (that it's pre-fire, that is). As can be seen from my photos, it has...
  14. C

    Source for materials in PA?

    Working on a Chestnut canoe I picked up at the assembly. I was thinking I would scarf in the gunwale repairs to replace the badly done prier repairs. (In-wales spliced with a 45 deg. cut that has separated) However after scraping off some of the cloudy varnish i found the gunwales are oak...
  15. C

    Chestnut Canoe for family use

    Hello, I am looking into a couple of Chestnut canoes that are for sale about 5 hrs from me. I don't have very much information on them yet, but will be going this weekend to have a look and hopefully purchase them. What I do know is that -they were bought in the 70s, -the owner...
  16. jlarrabee

    What Color Should I Do, Chestnut

    Hey Guys, I have a Chestnut 15ft Bob's Special? It is a barnfind, in beautiful condition. I am going to re-canvas it because it is the original canvas, but I'm not sure if I want it red again. Any color I should consider, or avoid?
  17. jlarrabee

    Chestnut: Wood over Fiberglass repair

    Hi everyone, I am a 16 year old kid who loves old canoes, I went to Camp Wabun, and recently bought two Chestnut Canoes. One is beautiful and is ready to go, but my other is butchered. The previous owner ripped off the canvas, then continued to fiberglass it, then managed to scrape most of...
  18. jlarrabee

    Chestnut 15' Bobs Special, 1960's, Need Help with Serial Number

    Serial Number: 15 80599 15 Ft 7.5 Ft from bow to Mid - thwart 12 1/2 inches deep
  19. M

    CEDARWOOD canoe model identification, serial# 162410C1996

    I have a CEDARWOOD canoe that I am getting ready to sell. I am trying to figure out if CEDARWOOD made different models and which one this is. The guy that originally bought this canoe (deceased now) had told me it was a prospector, but it is NOT! I HAVE a prospector (LOVE IT!) and this...
  20. R

    What model "Chestnut" do I have?

    My canoe is canvas covered, dimensions are 15' long, 34" wide, 13 1/2" deep. All ribs are 1 1/2" x 5/16" and spaced at 1 1/2" apart. The decks are rounded and the gunwales are open. The serial number is 15-71621. I am the second owner & I have owned it for approx. 40 years and I restored it...