Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello All!

I bought back in May in Lewiston, Maine a Wood and Fiberglass (I know, I know) Square Stern Canoe. I got it for a fair deal judging it was all original and needed very minor work (Paint). I looked it over knowing Chestnuts and Grand Lakers but could not figure out what it was when I bought it. Well I am at the point that I might try to sell it and let the next user enjoy it so I can thin the heard and make my parents yard look a little more spacious.

Unfortunately I do not have any measurements, just photos at this time. I do remember that it measured 18' Long, which took me by surprise. There is also no serial numbers on either stem.

The story on this is that a Gentleman who is a relative to L. L. Bean bought the canoe from Canada and used it on all the rivers in Northern Maine and New Brunswick. It even carried a moose he shot down river.

Anyone able to ID from the photos? My father thinks its a Sharpe? Anyone interested in this canoe?


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