Identifying a Chestnut


Curious about Wooden Canoes
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I have a 15' Chestnut with width canvas to canvas at the gunwales 31-1/2" and widest point 33-1/2".
Depth from the top of the thwart(bottom of inwale) to planking 14-3/4".
Ribs 1-1/2 " wide spaced 1-1/2" apart edge to edge(3/8" thick)
classic up-bend of gunwales 18" from the bow(and stern)
Major rockered
Single 4" cant ribs with wider spacing.
Shoe keel
Outwale depth 15/16",inwale depth 1"+
Any ideas what this canoe might be and its vintage?
(hint: it reads like a Gooseberry except for the depth and the belly is pre-1960)


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Hello Mike,
I'm browsing through the Chestnut postings. I see you got no answers yet so I'll chime in.
A month ago I couldn't tell a chestnut from an acorn (humor). I picked up (literally) a Chestnut and as soon as I got it on my shoulders I said "what I nice boat!". I bought it and set about identifying. Your canoe is identical to mine save you have the hollowed out deck which I do not have. Tentatively, mine is a Chum. You have the same dimensions all around so I'd say it's at least close. Mine weighs 62 lbs. I also have a shoe keel, 2 1/2" at the wide point and 1/2" thick throughout.