Trying to figure out what Canoe this is


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As my wife says, I have taken on another mistress! I have only had her a week but I know it's true love (see pics). I recently found and purchased a cedar canvas canoe that has me pondering as to what it is. I think it is a Chestnut, as the decks have the concave arc cut, with the underside rounded. From there I am not sure. It's dimensions are 16' x 36" x 12.75". It has babiche seats and seat hangers like a huron or faber (which I think are not the originals). It has 2 thwarts and then 2 hand thwarts. The bow and stern curve back more than most of the Chestnuts I have seen. The ribs are 2.375" x .375" and are spaced apart 1.5". There are no cant ribs and no keel or a serial number. A lot of the features make me think it might be a Pal, (dimensions, thwarts) but the seats and hangers and no keel are saying otherwise. Please take a look and let me know if you know what this might be.


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Looks Canadian, I.E. a Huron, Faber, or some such.

The wide planking makes me think Mark is hot on the trail. More pictures of the interior and deck would assist.