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Hey guys I have been looking for a fishing boat that is made very similar to the canoes we make. One brand that I see a lot is Thompson. My question is did they make them in widths of at least 5'? Most of them so far that I have seen are just 54" wide. I would like a 16 foot long one that could handle a amall 10hp motor. I wish I could find plans for one. I figure if I can build canoes I should be able to build one of those but do not even know where to look. If this is not the correct place to ask this question please let me know.

Benson Gray

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There were many manufacturers who made small canvas covered fishing boats but very few of them were five feet wide. The catalogs at https://woodencanoemuseum.org/catalogs can give you the basic specifications. The Old Town square stern sponson model was listed on page 17 of their 1948 catalog as 16 feet long and 50 inches wide for motors up to nine horsepower. There is also a 1947 Thompson catalog with several similar boats. Good luck,


David Satter

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Steve, I do a lot of Penn Yans 14 to 16 feet . Not sure about the width right now. Thin cedar planking over bent oak frames. Canvas covered. Some open but most with decks. But your talking about a big heavy boat. penn yan. boat show 030.JPG IMG_4097.JPG 007.JPG