Northern Lakes Chapter


LOVES Wooden Canoes
Just wondering if there are any upcoming activities, events, or meetings planned for the Northern Lakes chapter???? I have recently joined the WCHA (OK I've sent in membership but not heard back yet)....and am also the proud owner of a "new" old Peterborough Minetta. I've really enjoyed being part of this forum (certainly hope nobody has minded my few posted stories LOL LOL).
Welcome. I'm sure Andre will get you on his list. Event suggestions are always welcome and we are only recently going through a re-organization.
Didn't notice where you are located.
We'll get you on the list. Anything coming up will be posted, even if its only taking in a boat show or event, especially if we are there "flying the flag" with a display.
I'm glad to be on board.....I'm currently just north of Toronto in York Region....but hoping to relocate to either Haliburton or Peterborough soon....and anything I can do to help in any Northern Lakes events just let me know....anything going on at Toronto Boat Show?????