Northern Lakes (ontario) Chapter

Alex Guthro

LOVES Wooden Canoes
My name is Alex Guthro and I have been asked to serve as the Chapter Head for the Northern Lakes Chapter (Ontario). We currently have 120 Canadian members / builders registered in the WCHA Membership directory with 82 of those in Ontario. Our Chapter has not had an official event in a few years and it would be great to change that, especially since the 2018 Annual Assembly will be in Peterborough. In the past many of us have participated in other Chapters events but having something closer to home would be fun and help build local interest.

I’ve spoken to Craig Kitchen the WCHA’s Vice President and we have a few ideas regarding getting started. In addition to a Chapter meeting at Trent during the Assembly it would be nice to run three paddling events this year. I looked at the places where people live and there are larger concentrations of members in Kingston – Ottawa, North Toronto - Muskoka, and Hamilton – London. To try and include as many members as possible we’ll try to plan a paddling event in those areas. Craig mentioned a possible joint chapter paddle at Sault Ste Marie which hopefully would draw our more northern members.

In addition to three events having a newsletter a couple of times a year posted on the WCHA website would be a good way to keep in touch. I will be looking for volunteers to help with each activity. To start off why not;
  • Send me a description of what you are currently or planning on working on, canoe trips taken etc.
  • Other tidbits that might be of interest to our wooden canoe community
  • Ideas & locations for events paddling or otherwise. Many Chapters run day events where they conclude by going to a local restaurant or refreshments at someone’s residence.

On April 7 the WCHA will have a display at the Ontario Backcountry Canoe Symposium in Waterloo, if you’re going please stop by and introduce yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you!