Greetings from the Rec Show!

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
The U.P. of MI Chapter is on-line at the Boats-Sports-n-RVs-Show over to the SuperiorDome in Marquette. Stop on by, if you're able!

They gave us a free location, just outside the main arena... lots of space to set up... we have three full-size canoes here: a wood-canvas, a stripper, and a birch bark... and we have two birch bark models. We drew a lot of attention Friday evening and are just getting started today.

Because I've been able to get on-line, I've been showing folks the WCHA website... and Forums.
Safety question

Hi Kathryn, I used to do boat shows in the Detroit area years ago. We would always ask this question.
What is the first thing you should check before taking out your boat or canoe for a day trip?
Answer: the weather forecast.
Many experienced boaters never give it a thought.
Hi Bill, and everyone else... Denis and I had a great-but-exhausting weekend at the rec show--- we became better-acquainted with John and Victoria Jungworth-- who build birch barks-- and we dished out a lot of information and WCHA brochures and issues of Wooden Canoe.

It was nice having the notebook computer there... showed off the WCHA website, and I looked up a fellow's Thompson boat and think perhaps he'll be purchasing a copy of the Thompson Catalog CD.

The bit of eye-candy that drew many to our exhibit was a 14 foot stripper built by fellow-member Phil McGregor.

We hope to hear again from a fellow with a mystery canoe... he said he'd email pictures. It was a great weekend, and if we can help this guy figure out what he has, it could be the icing on the cake!



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Good Job

Kathy and Denis,

Good job!!!!! You guy's set the bar pretty high for the rest of us, but we will keep trying. Fred
Awww... :D

We owe a lot to all the folks in these parts who are excited about wooden boats. They ask a lot of questions, and seem to believe us when we provide answers.

We also have a good core-group of chapter members, willing to haul their boats to shows like this and stand for hours on a cement floor, smiling at strangers.

And there was a nice lady who provided free coffee and home-made chocolate chip cookies.