Our First Show

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
The Upper Peninsula of Michigan Chapter will represent WCHA at the Boat, Sports and RV Show at the Superior Dome in Marquette, MI this weekend, March 23-25. We were given a free space near the entrance, which should provide good exposure.

It should be interesting ("I tink we got one a dem in da barn, eh.")

All we know about manning a booth, we learned at Canoecopia a couple weeks ago--- thanks to the Great Rivers Chapter!

Everything there is to manning a booth

I will send you a copy of the exhibitor instructions that we sent to each of our members that were going to be present in the booth. Good guidelines. I've done many shows through my work with the lumber guys and it's alot of work if you plan to go there to get results. I'll send it to your other email address. Have a great show and let us know how it all turns out.