Upper Peninsula of Michigan Winter Wonderland Event

Kathryn Klos

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Hello out there, all you who are members of the U.P. of MI Chapter! This year (2010) we will be contributing to the Winter Wonderland of decorated Christmas trees at Peter White Library in Marquette (see attached flyer).

We will be decorating our tree on December 1, 2010, at 1pm. Our Chapter has purchased an artificial tree (as required), complete with lights, from the local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. The tree must reflect something about our group, so I am printing-out pictures of wood, wood-canvas, and bark canoes and will be gluing these to cardboard so they can hang on the tree. I also plan to affix the WCHA logo to colorful glass balls and line the Christmas tree skirt with WCHA brochures.

I may attempt to make some shoddy little birch bark canoe replicas, if I can peel bark off any trees...

Any other ideas are most welcome. Helpers welcome too...

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I know you were all waiting to see what the tree looked like.... well, here it is, with decorations that may look a bit familiar to a few folks, who submitted pictures for use on this website. Denis made some little birch bark canoes, but I never got around to making the canoe-cookies.... next year, yes!

Anyway, the tree was a hit.

Oh yeah... about that sign on the post-- they got the name wrong, but that will be corrected (and the name of the WCHA is emblazoned all over the tree, and under it too).


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Oh yeah... about that sign on the post-- they got the name wrong, but that will be corrected (and the name of the WCHA is emblazoned all over the tree, and under it too).

Our chapter table was mistakenly "overlooked" ie. not space reserved at an event last year because the organizers failed to distinguish between
The Wilderness Canoeing Association (WCA)
The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (WCHA)
in spite of our having participated in their event the previous 3 years.

In the end it all worked out splendidly as we just doubled up with the folks from the Canadian Canoe Museum.
Denis made a canoe cookie cutter and I experimented with it yesterday... but I need a better cookie recipe, as the one I used made some tasty cookies but the canoes are a bit "rustic".

Need to find my grandmother's recipe for really thin crispy sugar cookies that melt in your mouth! Actually, I need my grandmother here, baking them for me... a nice memory at this time of year.

Cookies on the Tree

The cookies are on the tree-- they are replicas of ancient dugouts, and if they were on eBay they'd be described as "rare" and would cost three grand each, and someone would cut them in half for bookcases.

Our tree-display includes a paddle that I found on eBay-- it was originally listed with a '60s Chestnut that the seller insisted was an early Old Town. The Belle Isle cushion is probably from the '60s-'70s but will go into our Belle Isle Morris anyway. It was also an eBay-find, and after I bought it, the seller asked if I wanted the other two.

The woman in the picture looks sorta like my grandmother, who could make really good cookies...


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