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Hello all, I am seeking information on a canoe that I have. It is a EM White built in Old Town, about mid 30s. It is outfitted with sponsons.This canoe is 16' in length and the beam is 43 3/4" from outer edge to outer edge of oarlock mtg. area. Yes oarlocks! This canoe was supposedly built for a handicapped gentelman who loved to fish.There was a seat of some sort bolted in center by oarlocks.I will try to post a pic of canoe. I have all pictures on a free picture site that I can provide the link to. Just email me for link.If anyone can provide any info on this canoe I would appreciate it.


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I don't know much about Whites, but you have a very nice one.
I've not seen one with sponsons before. What sort of info are you
seeking ? If you don't get a favorable responce on the forum, you
might try contacting Jerry Stelmock as he is probably the formost
authority on E M Whites.
Cheers Dave
EM White

Hi Dave, Thanks for the post. I was wondering if there is a way to find the exact year of build. Also is it odd to have oars in a canoe. I think it was just because the owner was handicapped.I'm trying to ascertain if this is true or a tall tale.Also I'm told the sponsons are for stability in the event of tipping over. Thanks for the tip on Jerry. I will PM you on that.
Sponsons are air chambers, and they do indeed function to prevent capsizing. Setting up a sponson canoe with oars is not at all uncommon.

Hi Willman,

Your E.M. White is very pretty, and has more options than common on Whites. Unfortunately, dating a White is tough. Yours likely has no serial numbers at all. And for those that do, I am unaware of any surviving dated serial number records. But the tag does date it to pre-1940 or so when the company changed name to "White Canoe Company". Your sponsons may date the canoe to 1920s or 1930s. Older catalogs show an invisible sponson style extending all the way to the stems. Your style begins showing up in the 20s, but then again, there are cuts showing the "old style" sponsons in catalogs that may be from later years.

The floor rack, sponsons, and oarlocks were all available accessories from E.M. White & Co. Your oarlocks are one of two types offered...the others were a bolt-on outrigger type.