Early 16 foot EM White

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
I was lucky enough to buy an early EM White from Dave McDaniel. He bought it off of John Hilton not 2 weeks before he passed away suddenly. I feel honored to have it for many reasons and will try to do it justice when I start the restoration, in Johns memory. To own a canoe this old and fairly rare is something that I've always wanted to have, but just never had the opportunity, or the funds to aquire. My heart is heavy.....


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Wonderful! I'm so glad you got her! It's a treasure to have a canoe with so much history and physical grace... and you will honor all that she is, which is the way it should be with these wonderful old beauties.

Chris, how about some shots of seats and thwarts if you've got em. Great looking old boat, see it in NH? now thats a dare...
Oh, that's just horrible. I'm so sorry to hear this. The amazing beauty in wood and woodworking can lull one into a false sense of security, obscuring potential dangers. But then, the wonderful benefits of any true passion come with sometimes hidden costs. I hope at least that Mr. Hilton loved his woodworking.

I will try to restore her by the next assembly, but doing it right will be more important so we'll see. Someone clad the stern seat in aluminum, and did a very professional job. I proceeded to pull it apart and the wood is in many pcs. Good enough for a pattern though. The front seat has a very fine frame, just like the stern. Rob, John was part of our Michigan Chapter, was he originally from Canada?


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Does anyone know what wood he was working with?

Sorry, I don't have much more info on how it happened. I heard it second hand at the Assembly planning meeting in New Hampshire last weekend.
John's wife Shirley was going to become the Assembly auctioneer, but as you might imagine, has said she likely won't come to Assembly.

As to Chris' question about where John lived, I thought he lived near Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario -a location close enough to participate in Michigan chapter activities. I could be wrong. Or maybe I'm confusing locations with the Kimbles who were friends of John & Shirley (?) -and had the adjacent booth to them at Assembly.