E-Bay War canoe

Thats great, at another web sites forum this canoe is being talked about. There was allot of talk about cutting up this wonderful canoe for book shelfs and coffee tables. :mad: I hope it finds a happy home.
Any one one know who is "wooden*canoe*" on ebay? I think I have seen it before when bidding on a BN Morris Canoe last summer.

I went to the web site and read the posts about this canoe. "SAVAGES" Thank the Gods and My ancestors 212 years ago for migrating to America and not Canada.
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Not to be argumentive Mike -have a look see where some of the posters are from on that site.An imaginary line doesnt separate the savages Seems there are some on both sides of that line.Maybe you should thank the Gods your folks raised you right.Good luck on the bidding
That would be a sweet boat for family trippnig or multi family multi day tripping!
Bidder on War Canoe

Hi All,

I am Wooden*canoe*. I couldn't resist the deal. I have NO idea whatsoever I would do with a War Canoe, but I am sure I'd find some way of putting it in the water on a regular basis. NO, I am not a bookcase maker. It boggles my mind how those folks on that site were so blithely discussing cutting up the old beauty.

I live in Reno, so I am thinking that I might be able to pass it on to a camp up on Lake Tahoe. There are several summer camps up there for kids, and I'd just bet that I'd get someone to bite. I kept my bid low so we'll see.

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Hey Michael.Haven't checked the site on this canoe but it's my understanding that alot of canoes were built up here in the savage land over the years! HA,EH??? T.M.
I don't know where I would put such a canoe, and I don't think I can convince swmbo that this is a reasonable purchase, but this canoe has got to be worth more than it will fetch on ebay. Does anyone have an idea how many of these war canoes were made? If I got it out to the assembly, is it possible I might find a buyer? at a profit? I might get swmbo to go for this if it could be a stepping stone to another purchase. We have only one canoe, an 18" OT HW with sponsons, and the next one really should be easier to put in the water. About the only thing I have going for me at this point is that I live in Massachusetts and I have a trailer. How're you going to get this craft out to Lake Tahoe, Mark?
Not likely to be sniping Michael. Swmbo is telling me to forgetaboutit and get dinner ready!

I'd probably use Affordable Boat Carriers. They have already done me a good turn in getting an old Peterborough from out MA way. Their nrates were good, and I'd not hesitate to use them again. MY wife doesn't know of this little deal yet.......

Hi Guys,

Mark, are you going to go for it? And ABC, Hmm I tried to get a bid from them and never heard back from them, after repeated messages.

Anybody know who rsflyfish is?

The other site, yes, I was there, it's the CCR site, mainly a paddling site, not an old canoe site, though a few of the regulars like old canoes, they/we are a definate minority. My impression, many folks there are river runners using plastic canoes.

Hope this one doesn't get cut, it looks to be in nice shape still.

Ebay sniper?

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter", I don't remember who first said that.

"One man's ebay sniper is another man's high bidder.", I don't know if anyone has said that before, but you can quote me.

I am a nice guy and let people know that I'am out there and interested and put in a bid before the end. But hey, if you put in the highest amount, you win. Does it matter if you put it in with 10 seconds left? If you don't bid high enough you still don't win.

That's the ebay game.



I already have two, so I won't be sniping.

I also wonder if your grandchildren would have as big a smile on their faces if they were sitting in a bookcase?

I doubt it.



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Thanks for your contribution to this thread, Paul. I have to admit that my nose got a little out of joint when I was being referred to in what I considered to be a derogatory manner. I have been wrestling with an appropriate response, and I dare say I couldn't have been as eloquent as you. I'm with you regarding the highest bidder, regardless of when the bid is placed. In fact ebay will advise a bidder to be prepared to be outbid at the last minute. It is my understanding that a sniper is someone who places a last-minute bid. This was not my intention. There have been times in the past, in fact, when I have not bid on an item on ebay when there was a previous bid which I knew originated from a fellow WCHAer. I thought I was being up front about my interest in this particular canoe. Given the fact that the only canoe I own weighs over 100 pounds, and the lovely woman who drives the bus in which I have happily ridden for more than twenty years would like something easier to put in the water, I knew that the liklihood that I might persuade her that this was a practical purchase was non-existent. My concern was that this canoe should not become a bookcase or two, and as I live in Massachusetts, I thought the WCHA fratenity might offer some input. I didn't expect to be castigated for my interest.
Great news Gil,

Maybe we can race in the big lake. The picture with my granddaughters is on the beach between Saugatuck and South Haven.

But I also wanted to address something Tom brought up and let him know he's not alone.

I can't recall if I have every addressed this topic before, but then as a member for about 5 years and most of my treads lost with everthing else I don't have to blame it on my growing old.

I have spent my adult life in careers that attract castigation and treatment of a manner quite derogatory. I sell insurance and was a police officer prior to that.

I would like to see members and newcomers encouraged to comment and contribute, but I will agree that some times their postings receive responses that don't encourage future participation.

Someone posts a question and days go by without anyone posting a suggestion or possible solution to the poster's problem, you post a helping thought and then all of a sudden everyone now explains how wrong you are.(or how could you be such a dumb shi_.) I am sure that has cause a few members to keep quite, but it should not.

Don't allow anything to quiet the expression of your canoeness. Many of us are quite opinionated, but we are all canoe nuts, a brotherly & sisterly bond that rises above all.

Paddles for everyone,


Outstanding! I kept an eye on the war canoe auction and was SO happy to see that 10mhc had won- I couldn't remember who, but I knew this was one of us!

And keep on posting Canoeboy Paul... you're not THAT dumb! ;)