ID this canoe on ebay

What do think it is??

Look like an early Charles River area builder by the stems, straight ribs and no recurve as the gunnels meet the stem, but that deck does not fit the CR builders we know.

Take the canvas off and lets look at the planking. Wonder if there is a serial number on the stem?

Looks like an interesting canoe to add to your collection.

Shot in the Dark

I'm not used to seeing half ribs in the Charles River boats made around here.

I was thinking Kennebec Torpedo. Deck might fit that.

The thwart seems a little skimpy for a Kennebec though.

My 2 cents.
Take a look

I send the seller a message to see if I can take a look at the canoe. It's the next town over from me.

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took a look

I took a look at the canoe today. It was hard to get a real good look at it, It's stored in a barn up on a rack. From what I could see the ribs and planking look pretty good. The shape of the hull looks OK, no hogging, The inside and outside stems need to be replaced as do the inwales, topwales and outwale. On both sides. The deck tips are a little rotted. On one of the decks, it has a round brass tag with the number 8 on it. (Livery number maybe?) I did not see a serial number on the stems. The lady was not to keen about me putting paint stripper on them to see if I could find one. The ribs are feathered at the ends where the are attached to the inwales. The courting canoe I had was like that as well. The torpedo ends are really neat. Seat frames look OK. That's about it. If anyone needs any more info let me know. They are only about 2 miles from me. I don't plan one bidding on it. I have included a couple pictures.



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Thanks for checking out this canoe, Vern. I'm not bidding on it, but am always curious about interesting canoes. It doesn't appear that the decks are undercut, which may indicate they are replacements, as original old short-decks seem to have more finesse than seen here.

Glad you noticed we don't need any more pictures of the underside of the canoe.