ebay canoe

I wonder if that really is fiberglass - could it be that it is canvas but the seller doesn't know that?
I dunno -- according to a list of old Maine canoe builders, Fred Reckards (or Reccards) was building canoes from the 1960's to the 1980's, so the canoe in question certainly might have been built with glass or recovered with glass. I don't know anything else about the builder, and the only thing I know about the seller is that he has sold a number of canoes on eBay and one of the pictures of the 20' canoe shows several other canoes in the background -- so I would guess he probably knows the difference between glass and canvas.

Why do you think it's not glass?
I don't see any sign of a stem band and it would be unusual for a canvas covered canoe to be built without one.

My busines associate is from Maine and knows this builder well!....This gentleman makes as good a canoe as you will find and is well respected as a builder!.........He is mentioned in Jerry Stelmok's book and has several other honorable mentions as shown above the photo and price in that EBAY ad! He builds a tradional wood canoe and does cover it in fiberglass...but then I guess he would do canvas if you wanted him to build you one....your choice! but that price of $650 is very short money for the quality of his work!