What is that canoe anyway?

what is it?

Dave, I dont know specifically what it is, but if I bought it off of ebay it would lead to this.....:eek:


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I will try my hand at posting a couple pictures of this mystery object, if ya don't mind! Those ebay listings evaporate and then no one knows what you were talking about.


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...and now I have a question...

There's an EM White on eBay, but I find myself drawn to the dark blue canoe next to it. I emailed the seller to ask questions about it, but the seller's wife said he wasn't available but that it (the dark blue canoe) is his favorite and that he is a member of WCHA. So I'll post pictures and maybe the owner (or someone else) will fill me in eventually--- it looks like a very cool canoe. Please note that while the EM White looks nice, it's the mystery canoe in the darker blue skin with kind of a sharp nose and what appear to be very fine closed gunwales that's cranking my interest-- and purely out of a desire to learn.


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thanks Kathryn

I think the canoe you see in the background is another White. Notice how the outwhales go past the stem? Reminicent of a bark canoe, with extended outwhales. Just a guess, I am no expert. but I still wonder the story on the stubby canoe. i think it was over $900. last time I checked.
Notice how the outwhales go past the stem?

That is also a feature of the earliest Old Towns, as well as Boston and Charles River canoes, so can't really be used to distinguish on its own. It also appears they were re-tipped, so no guarantee they are as original...