Chestnut Model?


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I just recieved another Chestnut sponson.Some time ago I posted pictures and measurements on another canoe that I wanted ID the model on Didnt get many responses.That canoe was an 18 footer and in very rough shape.
This one is 16 foot sponson in better shape.
Planking 2 3/4 inches
Ribs 2 3/8 ths Interval 4 inches
White cedar construction ribs and planks
11 inches from rib top to middle thwart for depth
Width @ centre 36 in
The thwarts one deck and planking cantribs are all typical Chestnut features.
Both these canoes were livery canoes This one from The CP lodge at Lake Louise in AB
Any ideas on the model or could they have been built special for thie intended purpose


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Ken Solway lists a canoe called the Glider Sponson which is a Moonlight with sponsons. The dimensions aren't quite right. He lists 16 ft by 34" wide by 12" deep. It's listed as a pleasure canoe. Somewhere I have seen a website which lists the rib size and spacing for Chestnuts as well as all the other dimensions. I thought I had it bookmarked, but can't find it. I'll keep looking. The only 16 foot canoes listed of the width you describe are Prospectors which are much deeper. None of the other sixteen footers list a beam this wide.

Just revisted my old computer and found this link which I think should be helpful: dimensions and spaciing. Hope this helps.
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