Chestnut Identification?


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Not sure what I have… Serial number is 16820. It is 16’ long and 34” between the outwales, maybe 35 ½” total beam. Inside depth from top of wales to the rib is 13”, so including rib and planking, maybe 13 ½”. Ribs are 3/8” thick and around 2 ¼ wide, beveled one side. The cant ribs are a full 4” wide. Spruce outwales are scarfed along with one inwale. Inwales are also Spruce. Seats are hand caned. Is this a Chestnut? Can anyone tell me the model and approximate age of this canoe? Thanks!
Mike Wootton – Spokane, WA


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Sure looks like it. If those gunnel scarfs are original, then this is maybe a Chestnut from the company’s later years (70-76), when quality control declined. The one sided bevel on the ribs I have found characteristic of Prospectors. Look for a plank just below the sheerstrake that is much wider (4 inches or more) than all the other planks; that seems to be a trait of Prospector construction. It has the slab sided appearance of a Prospector and seems too full in the end to be a Cruiser.
It is a later model Chestnut Prospector with the optional hand caned seats. They had a 36" beam and 14" depth. For a comparison I have one advertised on the WCHA classifieds. The Chestnut Pal can have the same dimensions and ribs but with a 12" depth.
The address written in marker on the bottom ribs is just around the corner from me - less then a block - go by it every time I walk my dog.