Canadian Canoe co. limited serial number 8065

Hello to all'

My name is Jacob and I am new to restoring these wonderful crafts. I have a Canadian canoe co limited canoe. I believe it to be the Chinook model and its serial number is 8065. I would like more information about this canoe so I can effectively restore her. any information would be greatly appreciated. I know it needs new canvas but the is nothing in the forms to tell me how to do this. The post is empty of instruction.
This canoe also needs new rub rails and possibly three to four ribs. Again any information would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Jacob.

Mark Adams

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Hi Jacob,

The first thing you need to do is round up a copy of "The Wood and Canvas Canoe" by Rollin Thurlow, and Jerry Stelmok. That is the bible. Second thing is, ask any and all questions you might have here. Whenever possible, accompany your questions with pictures of the area you are having problems with. Most topics have indeed been covered here, usually in detail from many perspectives. As regards canvassing, get a copy of Rollins video on building the Atkinson Traveller. (Link here; ) I see that he also has copies of the above mentioned book. Grab one, as they are getting scarce.

Anyway, I hope this gets you started!

Kathryn Klos

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You may also live near a WCHA chapter, where you would find some new friends eager to help with your project.
Thank you for the information. Ill be hunting for that book ASAP. This site dose have an enormous wealth of information an I have found a lot of good tips. Do you or anybody know where I can hunt down build records or any other info on the canoe I am working on? How do I look up the serial number? So far I've come up with minimal and general info. The company went out of business in 1961. I will also post pictures of my canoe here to get some feed back. She is in rough shape but I know with some TLC she will be back on the water.