canadian canoe company

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    What Happened To Dan Miller's Identification Pages?

    I am a long time member (#275) but haven't visited the forums for some years. Tonight I wanted to check some specs on Dan Miller's identification page but couldn't get in. Looking to identify a Canadian cedar canvas canoe with these specs: 16' x 12 3/3" x 33" with narrow ribs: 3/8" thick x 1 1/2...
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    Canadian Canoe co. limited serial number 8065

    Hello to all' My name is Jacob and I am new to restoring these wonderful crafts. I have a Canadian canoe co limited canoe. I believe it to be the Chinook model and its serial number is 8065. I would like more information about this canoe so I can effectively restore her. any information would...
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    Canadian Canoe Company - 16' Hiawatha model

    Hi. I am the new owner of a Canadian Canoe Company Hiawatha, a sixteen footer first purchased in 1959 (I have seen the original bill of sale). It's awaiting new canvas and minor repairs. In the meantime, if anyone has any thoughts about how this canoe will paddle and feel, I would be most...