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    Info for Old Town serial # 46140-17

    Is there any info for the serial # 46140-17? Old Town. Thank you
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    Info on 147367-16 please

    I bought this canoe about 18 yrs ago, and stored it in a barn for when I might have time to fix it up. Now is the time! Any info on the serial number and history would be so welcome!! There is some rot at the bow and stern where all the pieces come together.... otherwise it seems fairly intact...
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    Old Town Canoe S/N 155309 17

    Hi, I am looking to identify the age of an old town found in my grandparents boat house. The serial number is 155309 17. It appears to be of an older vintage and I am hoping you can help us confirm or deny that. Thank you!
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    Garage Find Old Town OTCA 22140 16

    I recently purchased a canoe from a person who told me it was made by their father... I took a chance and after looking at it and doing some research it looks like an Old Town OTCA. It seems most likely the father simply bought it and perhaps repainted it decades ago. The canvas, although...
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    Old Town 130977 - 18'

    Any one have the build sheet for this? we came across it in our warehouse, Any help would be apperciated
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    When was the Old Town made?

    I am seeking any available information regarding the history of this model and of this individual canoe. It is a 15' wood and canvas Old Town canoe that I have inherited. The serial number appears to be 75389 15. There might be a space between the 7 and the 5. It has one thwart. The Old...
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    Canadian Canoe co. limited serial number 8065

    Hello to all' My name is Jacob and I am new to restoring these wonderful crafts. I have a Canadian canoe co limited canoe. I believe it to be the Chinook model and its serial number is 8065. I would like more information about this canoe so I can effectively restore her. any information would...
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    Old Town Otca 1943 to 1944? Serial number 137755

    I finally got around to checking out my Old Town Otca 17 footer. Had it since 1965. Serial Number 137755 The build chart shows its likely a 1943 to 1944 built. Can anyone help verify? Regards, Mark
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    Serial Number help

    Not sure if anyone can help me with this or not, I'm looking at restoring what is being described as a a 1911 Old Town Heavy water. I am really new to this whole thing, I can't make out what this serial number is? 10730 16... from what I'm guess that could be a 1911, but the first 0 is what I'm...
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    Old Town Serial Number help request

    My father is giving me an Old Town canoe with serial number 17759 - 15. He believes he bought it around 1975. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. michael
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    B. N. Morris - Serial Search

    Hey all, I've got a beautiful 17' B. N. Morris that I'd love to know a little more about. The previous owner "violated" it a little by removing the canvas, and applying a fiberglass mesh covered in resin. The gloss wood beneath has a beautiful look under the resin, but it would take some real...
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    Old Town Serial # 175473 13

    I found my parent's canoe in the barn. It's been there for quite some time and looks to be in great shape. I'd really appreciate some info on this canoe including the build sheet. I've attached a picture to this post. Old Town 13 footer, Serial #175473 Thanks, Maxwell
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    Old Town Canoe # 17 5048 16

    Just was given an Old Town Canoe Serial Number 17 5048 16. I plan to re canvas. Several questions. First, type of canoe, date of Manufacture, and maybe original colors. Initial cost and any other info . I think I have all of the original parts, wood is in great condition although very...
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    Old Town Otca - HELP!

    So- I'm new here. I know a little, I want to learn more. I have a 15ft Otca s/n: 152461 I want to find the build sheet- how you do that? It's about 75% restored including new canvas. Thanks for any and all help!
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    Serial number query.

    I'm a new member. Hello to all ! Looking forward to and excited about being a part of this association. I just started a restoration on an ancient Old Town square stern. It belonged to my wife's grandfather who kept it at Portage Lake in Northern Maine. My wife thinks I need a project and...
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    Serial Number Search Old Town 16ft Wood & Canvass

    Can anyone tell me info re: serial number 146725 on my 16 ft Old Town Wood & Canvass Canoe? I'm mostly interested in how old it is and was also wondering where this info is available from? Is ther somewhere on the web that I can automatically look this info up as well?
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    Serial Number Search

    Hello There, I am trying to learn more about our Old Town canoe - serial number 16470. We would like to restore it and want to learn more about it. Thank you so much for your help. Kathy
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    Serial Number Search

    Hi to all. My wife and I are previous members of WCHA back in the late 1980's. We attended a gathering in upstate New York. Now we are back and the proud owners of an Old Town Canoe, 17 feet long s/n 1389 52. We are interested in learning more about the history of the canoe. I bought it...