1. J

    Skowhegan boat restoration project

    I just recently picked up a pair of projects. One is an old fiberglass racing canoe, but the other, the one that matters most, is a 1930's-51ish Skowhegan boat. I've been able to do a little research on the company, but really haven't gotten a lot of information. I've learned that the company...
  2. Ben Russ

    Langford questions

    I am picking up a 15’ Langford wood and canvas project canoe for restoration tomorrow and I had 2 questions. First, the previous owner warned me that the canoe was built during a time when “Langford’s quality was not good!” In reading through the forum, others have mentioned this period in...
  3. T

    Grip finish restoration on vintage paddles

    Hi folks - I just bought a couple "vintage" Old Town paddles off Craigslist. The one with the guide grip has a spine not only at the top of the blade but also where the shaft meets the grip - hadn't seen that before. I'd like to use them, at least occasionally. It looks like they were...
  4. Jim Eckler

    Chestnut #36 9738

    Let me share some pictures and ask a few questions, please, about my new Chestnut wood/canvas canoe restoration project. I think it is a Bob's Special. It is 15' max length with a 34 3/4" beam (canvas to canvas). Ribs are 2 3/8" wide (maybe 2 1/4") and spaced 1 1/2" apart; they are 1/4" deep...
  5. T

    Canvas Canoe Restoration

    Hi all! I have a new project in my hands and many different approaches from a few experienced sources. My original idea was to fibreglass and paint because I've done quite fine jobs with fibreglass before, and also fits in the time and cost budget. But to be honest, I haven’t explored other...
  6. C

    Willits 229 Restoration

    Hi, I'm new to WCHA, but not to wood canoes. My Grandfather and Father operated a private boys camp for 35 years on Cass Lake, Minnesota. As a young boy (camp stopped operation in 1958), I have fond memories watching the camp maintenance man work on the fleet of 25+ Old Town canoes. My...
  7. millie_sass

    Three Rivers Chapter - Project Canoe For Auction At 2018 Assembly

    The Three Rivers Chapter has completed the restoration of a Peterborough canoe for auction at the July 2018 Assembly in Peterborough Ontario. This 7 minute video shows the process from start to finish. Please come ready to bid on this outstanding canoe. You will be glad that you did.
  8. S

    Restoration, Merrimack Osprey, red, August '84'

    Hello! Just wanted to start of by saying hello and thanks for all the wonderful contributors to this site, I've learned so much already by browsing threads; it's been a great help! I'm still apprehensive about starting on my project until I have a full understanding of what needs to be done...
  9. O

    Canadian Canoe co. limited serial number 8065

    Hello to all' My name is Jacob and I am new to restoring these wonderful crafts. I have a Canadian canoe co limited canoe. I believe it to be the Chinook model and its serial number is 8065. I would like more information about this canoe so I can effectively restore her. any information would...
  10. beaver

    Earl Otchingwanigan Speaks

    It is with great pleasure to introduce to you Earl Otchingwanigan, Ojibwe elder and master canoe-maker. These spoken words were recently heard in the presence of this 100+ year-old restored birch bark canoe. For the documentation of the conservation & restoration...
  11. M

    Old Town White Cap Sailboat

    I am the lucky new owner of a White Cap Sailboat. Looking for any and all info or links that can help me with restoring the little guy as well as history on these boats. I am attempting to locate serial number etc. right now. Have read up on R. Manry's transatlantic trip on Tinkerbelle. Past...
  12. A

    16' Square Stern Wood and Fiberglass Canoe Restoration HELP NEEDED

    Hello, I have a square stern wood and fiberglass canoe that I'd like to repair. The keel is rotted near the bow and I think that the rot has spread to a couple for the panels that are in contact with the rotten part of the keel. There is one thin crack about 8 inches long between to boards...
  13. N

    Old Town serial number

    103815 16 This canoe belonged to my grandfather. I am told he bought it in California during his service in the Navy, 50's probably. Center thwart has a hole that excepted a mast for sailing, now missing. I am in the process of striping it for restoration including replacing several ribs. I...