Kennebec Canoe Co. Serial #16905


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I just acquired a Kennebec Canoe Co. canoe serial number 16905. The last digit is hard to read, as the top of it goes off the portion of the plate where the number is located. I also look on the stems and did not find a number. After looking at it closely I believe it is a five. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Fred Hurley, Wayne, Me.
Kennebec's records have some problems and this appears to be one of them. They assigned serial number 16905 twice in 1922. One went on a 17 foot long canoe and the other went on an 18 foot one. How long is yours (in a straight line from the extreme points on each end). There are eleven canoes in the 1690x range, (two 16900s, two 16905s, and no 16903) with various lengths and deck styles. It may help narrow the possibilities if you can provide some pictures, dimensions, or other details. Thanks,

Kennebec Canoe Co. #16905

Thanks for your efforts. I also responded by e:mail. My canoe is 17' and appears to have mahogany trim. It also has a removable back rest on the front seat that slips into two slots attached to the seat. This maybe an after-market thing, but the cane and construction matches the rest of the canoe. The 5 is not well imprinted, with the top of it not , if at all, formed. It also is currently a green color. Thanks again. FHurley