1924 H. B. Arnold

The serial number on the stems is 3176-16, but there is no sign of nail holes on the peaked coamings, where the tag on your boat is located. I would be happy to share with you all that I have learned through this restoration - good luck!! LEW
The serial number on our canoe is 1230 16.

Does anyone know what years HB Arnold was in production? Would love to find out more about this canoe.


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H.B. Arnold

front view.jpgHello, Did you ever get this canoe? I just got one as a gift and you have the only pictures of one of these that I have ever seen. Just curious if you got a serial number off it. I am attaching pictures of the one I was just given. Mine is in rough shape and I was pleased to see yours so I can have mine restored to the condition you have. My serial number is 3114 16 from what I can read.


Hi Bob,

We got the one first pictured in this thread. Lew also restored another canoe which is also depicted in this thread with photos (Excellent work too if I might add). Yours looks to be in pretty good shape. Do you have the thwarts? Where are you located? There are many out there who might be able to get you started restoring her.

Good luck and send photos of anything you do.

Oh...and the serial number is listed a few posts above this.