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I found the following canoe on says 16 ft. Peterborough....shows serial number but can't seem to find on Dragonfly list....any help or ideas on what model it is....I plan to take a look over next few weeks (if still available)....looks like it would make good restoration project....asking price is $650 which seems fair....sorry for asking so much on first post....grew up with a 14 ft. Peterborough wood canvas canoe in 60s and 70s (my Dad sold in early 80s) I've been around wood canvas canoes before (worked at Kandalore couple of summers and was one of Kirk Wipper's students at remember WCHA get together up there years ago....when Kanawa Museum was there)....looking for a canoe with history and that would make solo canoe for Canadian style paddling....but also could be used for tandem trip of week or two (mostly weekends)....looking for winter project....and canvas canoe that I can cherish for years to come (and to honour my Dad who recently passed Dad was first to get me excited about canoes)

Here's pictures from Kijiji ad:

I do apologize if this post is too lengthy or improper in any way....and I do intend to become WCHA member as was back in 70s...looking forward to any help possible...BTW, I live in Ontario Canada, currently north of Toronto
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Hi Woodncanvas;
That seems like a good price, and a good project for the winter.

I guess you missed the Annual Assembly when it was held in Peterborough at Trent U last summer. Next year's will be in New Hampshire.

There's lots of help available on this forum, and via members of the WCHA's Northern Lakes (Canadian) Chapter. Feel free to ask.

I'm relatively closeby in Hamilton and there are a few other active members in Toronto.

Welcome aboard.

Thanks for reply Rob....and welcome....I look forward to getting more involved with WCHA and Northern Lakes chapter....however I've just realized that I should have posted this over at Wood Canvas canoe site rather than here on All Wood....please feel free to move to more appropriate site....I'll be reposting there any way