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I found the following canoe on says 16 ft. Peterborough....shows serial number (info I have from email from seller is MODEL # C4649....THEN T 815 or 1815....hard to make out.....overall dimentions are 31.25 x 15 ft. x 13.5 deep...appears to be 15 ft not 16 ft as advertised)....but can't seem to find on Dragonfly list....any help or ideas on what model it is....I plan to take a look over next few weeks (if still available)....looks like it would make good restoration project....asking price is $650 which seems fair....sorry for asking so much on first post....grew up with a 14 ft. Peterborough wood canvas canoe in 60s and 70s (my Dad sold in early 80s) I've been around wood canvas canoes before (worked at Kandalore couple of summers and was one of Kirk Wipper's students at remember WCHA get together up there years ago....when Kanawa Museum was there)....looking for a canoe with history and that would make solo canoe for Canadian style paddling....but also could be used for tandem trip of week or two (mostly weekends)....looking for winter project....and canvas canoe that I can cherish for years to come (and to honour my Dad who recently passed Dad was first to get me excited about canoes)

Here's pictures from Kijiji ad:

Again I apologize for length of this post....especially as is one of first....but I hope to get a canoe to restore this memory of my Dad....but want one with some idea as to history....I look forward to rejoining WCHA after many many years absence (way too long as was member back in late 70s and early 80s)....also look forward to getting involved with Northern Lakes chapter up here in Canada
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Based on info I have from email from seller about canoe (already noted above): MODEL # C4649....THEN T 815 or 1815....hard to make out.....overall dimentions are 31.25 x 15 ft. x 13.5 deep...appears to be 15 ft not 16 ft as advertised....and wondering if not Minetta model (model #1815 from Dragonfly list????)....but dimensions seem wrong???? still puzzled

looks like a chestnut pal or deer maybe, looks in nice shape. needs a sail rig to bring to Killbear next summer!
Andre, definitely would consider sail rig for Killbear....looks like your Sept. Rendevous was lots of fun....I'm thinking it might be Peterborough equivalent of Pal or Deer as Peterborough canvas canoes made by least that's my understanding especially after Canadian Watercraft union of the I'm guessing is likely that Minetta was same as Pal or Deer?????....definitely planning on seeing this weekend...and canoe is 15 ft.
Fairly typical "Peternut". 1815 suggests Peterborough Minetta (dimensions are fine), the
"C" prefix was common on Chestnut canoes, so probably (like many others) built by Chestnut and branded Peterborough (if it is even marked). Narrow ribs make it (most likely) a Doe model...