Need help to identify canoe.


Matt Wimmer

My dad and I recently inherited this canoe. We really know very little on the old canoe and how to restore it. This is our first step hopefully with this project. I took some pictures of it in hopes that someone can tell us the make and other information.
My grandfather actually found it submerged in a fresh water spring in northern wisconsin. He brought it to the surface and found out that an old clergyman owned it. It was in ok condition and my grandfather ended up using it for a time until it developed cracks and holes. It started to take on water and then he decided to restore it. Well, he passed away and it sat in my grandpartents basement until today. My dad and I took it home and now we are starting on restroring it. Please have a look at it and if anyone has any information about it please pass it this way. Also the picture of the serial is blurry. It is: 1166 28

Thank you



Thank you for that swift response! I know that the 1166 stands for. But, what does the 28 stand for? The year or the 28th canoe to come off the production line, or??