you meet some nice people with wooden canoes

Rick L

Curious about Wooden Canoes
With the very wet spring, the stripping of the old finish and restoration has taken longer than planned, but I am about ready to get going on the couple ribs and few feet of planking I need to replace before sanding and recovering the 1928 18' OTCA sailing canoe.

One issue I was worried about was making all the replacement parts for the sailing rigging. This week I noticed an ad in the local Craigslist for an Old Town sailing canoe for sale. I emailed the person - being very up front that I was not interested in buying the canoe but instead looking to impose on him to take measurements and pictures and make some templates of the sailing parts.

Not only was the owner gracious enough to allow my wife and I to take up his time, we had a great converation about the canoes, (and encouraged us to attend the Paul Smith event) and he brought everything out along with sawhorse supports and set up the entire rigging so that I could see how it goes together.

just another example of the nice folks I have met during this project.