What kind of cedar strip canvas covered canoe do I have?

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Greetings, this is my first post here. I had a look at your website and like what I see. I was referred to this forum in light of my interest to hopefully find out details on the boat I recently purchased. Thank you in advance for your comments, questions, etc. At the bottom of this posting I have included a link to photographs of the boat.

Saturday, October 3, 2010 I took photographs and measurements of my new 40+ year old wood cedar strip canvas covered canoe in order to try to find out more about the history of this canoe. Weight approximate 50 pounds, Overall maximum length 15' 9.5", Outside maximum width 37 3/4", Bow deck plate 22" high, Stern deck plate 21" high, Ribs 2 1/8" wide, Rib spacing 2 to 2 1/4" spacing, Two rawhide seats, Two thwarts, Includes Robertson screws which are unique to Canada, Paddles great. The previous second generation owners told me that the canoe was perhaps purchased in the 1970's from Eaton's, Simpson's or Canadian Tire, but they are not positive. The canoe has always been kept indoors and owned by the same family. I have been advised that this canoe may be a Faber http://www.ivyleashirtco.com/info/faber.html and http://wcha.org/search.php?cx=006819004388480668802:na-znebucaq&cof=FORID:11&q=faber&sa=Search#1042

Photographs >
If there is a small thin strip on top of the inwale that is tacked down and goes all the way to the ends of the boat over top of the decks it is a Huron. Very common in Canada and sold through HBC back in the day. Also had rawhides seats woven by natives and seats are worth a lot now if still in good condition. I have salvaged old Hurons just for the seats.
Thanks Rod for the feedback. FYI, I can see no strip. The inwhale measures approximately 3/4" square. The depth of the boat in the centre is approximately 12 1/2". The seats are screwed flush to the inwhale; they do not hang from the inwhale. The seats are in excellent condition.
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I do not believe it is a Huron, Faber or Tremblay. The thin ribs and deck shape suggest something more like a Chestnut Bob's Special but the dimensions are wrong. First 2 pictures are Huron, middle 2 are Tremblay and the last 2 are Faber. The babiche seats in the latter canoes were of better workmanship than the Huron's. Chestnut did have babiche seats as an option.


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Thanks Dave for the reply and photos. Your Faber photos sure look similar to my boat. Interestingly today ...

Aye, maybe my 40+ year old piece of Canadiana in great condition is a Faber.


Dear Scott, Your canoe really looks like something we could have done. Our canoe had a big Faber Crest (logo) at the front and back on the top of the tip. Also no holes were drilled at the tip (but, this could have been done by the owner). We took a good look at the pictures (twice), and it seems like one, but we can't guarantee it. We would have love to be more certain but there is really no way of telling. Hope this answers your questions. Best Regards, Alex Faber