W/C Building again


LOVES Wooden Canoes
Hello All
A few of you may remember me
Havent had a shop or place to work in for the past little while so havent posted much
A friend and I have been back at building wood canvas canoes.(Hes the woodworker Im the slow learner)
Should have been taking pictures all along every step,but never got around to take any until today
The shop

Both boats

This canoe is made of Yellow Cedar
the other in the background has yellow cedar ribs and western Red cedar for planking

Ribs and planks of yellow and red cedar

Planks and ribs of yellow cedar

The yellow cedar boat will have Mahogany seats decks and thwarts and outwales
The other boat will be tricked out in some fine maple including birds eye decks.
Yesterday I wetted the red cedar boat to remove hamme blossoms.Foolishly used the water we used for boiling yellow cedar cant ribs and it stained the red cedar planking
Today the canoe is water stained Any ideas on removal,been thinking of a brightener or deck cleaner
Good to be back
Nice work Dan and Mike. For the stains try an acid wash. Can't do any harm and will probably resolve the problem.
OK a wash it is
Thanks Dave although your response should be nice work Mike then Dan
As an added hint, I've found that Oxalic acid works best if you keep the solution hot. As mentioned above, if it doesn't work, it will do no harm.