planking source

I'm having some trouble locating some red ceder planking for my 50's OT Yankee. I seem only be able to find white cedar from the online sources. Anybody have source in the midwest for red cedar suitable for planking? Silly me left the boat on the horses after stripping the varnish under the deck. It turned out the wind picked up and blew the boat off the horses onto a metal table and took out some planks and ribs. Ahhh!!!

Home Depot, Lowes and Menards all have Red Cedar lumber or siding. You may have to sort thru the planks or siding to get pieces that you can recut. I usually buy what is listed as 8"x6' or 8' and resaw to get clear pieces. You do need access to a good table saw or a band saw to resaw with.
If you want to take a ride down 47 you can come to Elburn and visit my workshop. I have some great western red cedar planking. Old growth straight grain.

Are you able to resaw it yourself or do you want it ready to put on the canoe?

I have a very nice 16' Yankee that was recently canvased you might like to see along with about 20 others.

Send me a private message and we can discuss more if you'd like.

Good luck,

Thanks for the replies. I would need the wood pretty much ready to go as I do not really have the equipment. Looks like I have some options though. Paul sounds like a good idea to check thank Yankee out to get some direction. Ill' be send another message you way.

change of plans

It has been crazy here at my home the past couple of weeks. We put our house up for sale and it sold in under two weeks! I found a rental but I will have not place to store my project canoe, until we find a new more permanent home in year or so. In this market I though I would have more time. Would anyone be willing to restore my yankee for some $ in the area. I'll never get to it now, not for another couple of years until I get a work area. I have to figure out something by september 18th.