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Getting down to the final details on my restoration. During the summer it will be stored on the wrap around porch on our old farmhouse. Due to it being very visible, I want to secure it to the side of the house. That and tying it down on the Volvo wagons are why I want to see what period looking hardware solutions have been used by others (other than spending $65 to $85 each on painters rings etc).
One option presented by the man helping me with the restoration was to create a 'bump out' on the Stem Band to create a place to put in something like a brass ring (think Carousel type). thoughts or other options?
I have a small carry handle at each end on my newest built canoe, which I tie onto. On others I hook to the deck, or tie to a loop over the seats.
We restored a vintage Brodbeck a few years ago and reproduced the painter ring arrangement as F. Brodbeck did. The stem band is fastened to the deck with a machine screw for additional security, a wood screw would not have enough holding strength, however, a painter ring is usually just for tying up to a dock, never to be used as a tie down fastener.

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Steve, I really like that setup. Will have to stumble around hardware store looking for something like that. Maybe real boatshops?