Pad eyes ??


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is ugly. It doesn't matter how much you spend on tools or how many times you practice on scrap wood - that crisp clean hole still looks like "a big ugly hole blasted through the middle of the deck" to some people

I could not agree more........


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Exactly what I had in mind when I brought it up. However, next time you should practice a bit more before you start drilling on the real boat.
"there is always some guy who thinks he knows better" ... typical and expected.

My advice was clear: "If you need a tie-down, use whichever of these methods works best for you and gives the least offense." The rest was plainly labeled as what I would do and what I have done. Not advice. There is no one-size-fits-all. I "car-top" on a truck with a wide span between bars, or carry on a trailer with similar span and no means of fore and aft tie downs. There is no movement on the crossbars. Yes, a rack could fail, just as a deck with a hole drilled in it could fail. We could tie down, tie front and back, superglue the gunwales to the bars and wrap the whole thing - racks, bars and vehicle - in shrink-wrap, but each of us has to draw the line somewhere. Apparently one person's decades without trouble is "better" than another person's decades without trouble.

I thought these forums were for discussion so I added my thoughts, never patronizing, condescending or arrogant, and I don't think I was (like "if that's the best workmanship you can muster up", "next time you should practice a bit more before you start drilling" or "perhaps some better tools and practice on some scrap wood might be a good idea before trying it on a boat" or "there is always some guy who thinks he knows better"... wow!).