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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am thinking about putting brass painter rings on the deck of my wood canvas canoe but worried about when I tie it down on the truck if I pull too hard may rip the ring off the deck:eek:. I am installing grab handles on the canoe, would this be better to tie off the painter?
Carry thwarts and bunny ears help hold a canoe-hat on your vehicle. If you don't have carry thwarts, looping through open gunwales or around a regular thwart works too. We use flat nylon straps.

I'll attach pictures of the bunny ears. If you have questions, Denis will explain how he accomplished this.



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If it has open gunwales and i'm concerned about the deck, I loop some rope around the inner rails and tie off from that on each side, just back from the deck.
Thanks for the info. I have the rabbit ears on one vehicle and the other is a truck with tie down rings on below front bumper. May use the route of putting the tie downs through the rails.