ThreeHouse Canoe?


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This is my first post here. I am looking for info on a Rochester NY canoe manufacturer named Threehouse Sp? I may have a canoe built by this Co. and cannot find anything about them. I appreciate any info. Thanks in advance.
There is an article titled "The Redoubtable Treehouse Canoe" by John Quenell that starts on page 10 of the Wooden Canoe Journal's issue number 68. The article mentions that there were about six known examples at that time. This is available from the WCHA store as a single edition reprint or on the DVD with the whole collection.

Ask the Wirshem brothers. Louie lives in Rochester and Dave is in the area somewhere. They are WCHA members and both owned one I think. If anyone remembers Bud Steeb's "Baby", that was one as well, quite a canoe. "Baby" belonged to Specs, the Genesee Valley Park Boathouses curator. My Dad worked there as a kid and remembers Specs taking Baby to Florida in the winter and fishing for sharks out of it! I think Baby is still owned by a family member. Bud made it to the assembly a few times, quite a guy.