1. Ryan Feero

    My First Old Town Canoe and Family Legacy

    Hello WCHA! I already posted something similar in the Serial Number search. I'm hoping maybe @Benson Gray will be able to help me. But I wanted to post an introduction here, too. My name is Ryan and my grandpa was born in Bangor and grew up in Alton, Maine just 10 miles from Old Town. My...
  2. jlarrabee

    Sharpe Or Chestnut?

    Hello All! I bought back in May in Lewiston, Maine a Wood and Fiberglass (I know, I know) Square Stern Canoe. I got it for a fair deal judging it was all original and needed very minor work (Paint). I looked it over knowing Chestnuts and Grand Lakers but could not figure out what it was when I...
  3. B

    Rangeley Canoe?

    Can anyone help me identify this canoe/sea canoe? It’s 16’ in length and 4’ at the widest point. It spent at least part of its life in Rangeley, Maine.
  4. J

    Help Us Decide, Please! (Maine)

    We have a brief, unexpected window for a canoe trip in Maine this coming Monday-Wednesday. The weather looks good, and given that we are uncertain how September will shake out in terms of more tripping, we're having a hard time picking from our bucket list trips. Here are the contenders: Third...
  5. J

    Lobster Lake, Penobscot River Corridor, North Maine Woods

    Brasenia, our 14-foot cedar strip canoe, slipped quietly onto the dark surface of Lobster Stream just a little after 4 pm. We'd been traveling for about 7 hours to reach the put-in just above where Lobster Stream's largely slack current enters the West Branch of the Penobscot. We could have made...
  6. J

    1910 Old Town H.W. just acquired .... Fix to use, sell or restore ? (In Maine)

    I've been given a 1915 H.W. in remarkable shape except lots of layers of chipped paint on the canvas. Serial#38556 ... All ribs intact. A couple of <1" square holes in planking but not through the canvas. My thought is to smooth and fill the paint and then some rust oleum hunter green and...
  7. jlarrabee

    3 Maine Canoes

    Hey Guys and Gals, My father and I just went and picked up 3 more canoes out of a barn. (the number I have almost exceeds my age). I need a little help from you fine folks trying to figure out what they are. The smallest is made of red cedar and looks rather old. It shows signs of rail caps...
  8. jlarrabee

    Old Town? Rowboat

    Hey guys, I am trying to barter with a guy with a old rowboat. From the pictures it needs restoration, and looks similar to Old Towns I've seen. I am currently try to get the serial number from the guy, but can one of you more Old Town Savy guys ID this old girl.
  9. I

    Kennebec Boat & Canoe Co - S/N 18763

    We've had this old canoe in our family many many years. It's been sitting in a garage for the last decade and we finally decided that we'd like to know more about it and see if it worth some restoration effort. I believe it is, but it will need some work. I'm new to this site and will...