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Kathryn Klos

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New member of our UP Michigan Chapter, Phil MacGregor, captured this cool shot at our second rec show last month and sent it our way today.

The guy in the red shirt, holding two show-goers in rapt attention, is Denis Kallery. I am the person in the baseball cap.

The canoe is my Kennebec, which originally belonged to Dave McDaniel and which appears *twice* in the WCHA video/DVD. (I think I know the script of the DVD by heart, having sat behind a little TV that was playing it hour after hour at two shows now... it's very well-done, by the way.)

New member Phil, builder of beautiful stripper kayaks and canoes, is a man we met for the first time at our first rec show in March. He's now an invaluable member of our little band.

Recently, Phil had the opportunity to come to our rescue... or rather, to the rescue of a recent *suprise* canoe-aquisition of Den's and mine.

A fellow came up to Denis at the April rec show, and began telling him about an old wood and canvas canoe that was in his garage. It had belonged to an uncle who died about twenty years ago. When the man told Denis his uncle's name and the lake his canoe had been paddled on, Denis' eyes widened... and he explained to the guy that he'd been looking for that canoe for twenty years.

Twenty years ago, Denis acquired a sixteen foot Racine WI from his in-laws. The canoe had shared a boathouse with an identical eighteen foot Racine WI... which had mysteriously disappeared when its owner died.

And so, a week after the rec show Denis and I were invited to see the long-sought eighteen footer... and its owner asked how much we'd give him for it. Not expecting to buy another canoe that day, we didn't have tie-downs to secure the bow and stern of the boat-- on a very windy day. Part way home, it seemed that if we went any farther the wind might take the canoe and the roof-rack away... so Denis called Phil-- who was over in a jiffy to admire our new Racine and help secure her.

I'm thankful for this passion, for it opens so many doors... not the least of which is Friendship.



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