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Passed Away July 3, 2012
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We are 2/3 of the way through our second show in two weeks. Last night the local TV station interviewed me in a live broadcast. That was interesting! Kathy's Dave McDaniel restored Kennebec was the feature. It is a real crowd pleaser. Great job Dave! It was real suprising to me how many people came up to me today and said that they had seen me on TV and had to come in to see the canoe. So far in the two shows we have had about forty people ask to recieve or latest newsletter. There are several that have indicated that they plan to join the WCHA. About eight in this show alone. Phil McGregor came to the first show -plans to join and called me to volunteer to help with this show - even though he isn't even a member yet--Thanks Phil! One fella saw the canoe on TV last night and drove sixty miles because he had to see the canoe. He stated he will be joining the WCHA. Today Kathy was inteviewed by a local radio station. I think we have been well recieved and are doing pretty good for being only a couple months old. We already have two more shows to be in.
Happy Camper Denis :)
Thanks Paul, but I think folks up here feel somewhat isolated and were just waiting for something like this to come along. I think today we got several more that may join WCHA. At this show we had 24 people ask to recieve the U.P. Chapter newsletter and 29 from the previous show for a total of 53. I'm pleased! One of the really neat things that happened today is that a fella came to see Kathy's canoe; stating that he had one that was his uncle's. Turns out this is an 18' Racine that disappeared over twenty years ago when his uncle died [I knew his uncle] and I have been trying to find since. I don't know if I will end up with it but it is exciting to at least know that it still exisits and where it is. When this pile of snow we have melts [maybe by July] I'll go see it and take some more recent photos. Many people came to see the canoe and talk to me after seeing it on TV. It was pretty amazing! I got to talk to a lot of people. One fella has 20 some odd old outboard motors he's looking to sell so if you have any interest there email me and I'll pass on his name and phone number. I am not advertising for him and I get nothing. It just amazes me what comes out of the woodwork.
UP Chapter

Feeling isolated or not, you & Kathy are doing great work. You keep this pace, and the WCHA booth next Canoecopia will have to be twice as big! :D
Bigger Booth Space

We may get a bigger booth next year at this show we just finished--- the show mangagers came around toward the end, and interviewed us about the weekend. They were impressed that our booth brought many to the show who otherwise wouldn't have come at all. They asked about our needs, and we said it would be nice to have room for more than one canoe. There were many questions about strippers and several in our group are stripper-builders. We also have two who build birch barks, which would attract a lot of attention.

The bottom line is, many in the U.P. now know WCHA exists!

Two more scheduled shows ahead for us... one is north of Marquette and one on the eastern side of the peninsula.
Event Pics

At last I can post pictures of the first event our chapter attended, at the Superior Dome in Marquette. We were given a free space, just inside the entrance/exit, and there was plenty of space and good exposure.

For the second show we did, we were inside a building and were able to hang the WCHA banner above our heads, which looked nicer.

Among the books I learned were important to have along for show-n-tell were Bill Mason's "Path of the Paddle", to counter any comments that wooden canoes must be handled delicately, and Mr. Bradshaw's "Sail Rig" to show what else can be done with canoes.

Yes, I bought the car to go with the canoe...


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Hi Kathy,

Are you bidding on ebay for somethin'?

AND the Kennebec is exceptional.

But, I was wondering. What is the distance between the crossbars on the canoe rack, and how does it seem to work?
We just got an add about Detroits off ebay.
The racks on Kathy's Forrester are Yakimas. I have to put one set of holders on the outside of the rack supports because the Kennebec is too wide to fit between the supports. They are however quite tight and there is no shifting.
Yakima rack

Rack sizes may be different, depending on the Subaru model and year--- I had to buy a new set of stantions (towers) when I went from a 2001 to a 2006, because Subaru changed the configuration of the roof rails. Distance between stantions side-to-side (width of the car) is 34". Distance between bars at the greatest possible length (front to rear of car) is 46". The gunwale clamps can go either inside or outside the stantions, or one in and one out (which is what we need to do with the Kennebec). I plan to look into getting longer bars. Dave McDaniel has Yakima racks that carry two canoes, and I think that setup involves longer bars and another set of gunwale clamps. I've been happy with this setup because the canoe doesn't do any scary shifting. The setup came with very nice tie-downs, too.

The "ebay handle" Denis and I share is "dovetail notch", and the only thing I've bought recently was an ad for Detroit canoes... am watching a few canoes, mainly out of interest. So far, we've bought four canoes off eBay-- two from WCHA members.

I don't like eBay's new "bidder one" and "bidder two" (etc) designations, which appears to be an optional thing sellers can use-- it prevents me from knowing who I might be bidding against, and I don't like bidding against anyone I know. It isn't "winning" that matters-- it's knowing the boat will be in good hands (and we might see it at Assemby or something).

You have considerable more front to back distance than my '06 Gr Cherokee. It seems each year the jeeps give you less distance front to back. I get 32" now. Yakima says that 30" is the minimum, and is sufficient, but I am more comfortable with my former '94 Gr Cherkee that had over five feet. And with my real old '90 Cherkee old style that has the whole roof and rain gutter yakima s. But that beater won't go forever.

My bars are wide enough to carry two canoes. i am going to make a front rack that goes off my grill guard. It is an added expense. I actually have quite a menagerie of yakima stuff, bars, towers etc. the only way to go, except for a trailer.

I saw a canoe in Toronto for sale and there was a question from kathy. and you're not THAT far from T.O.
I've decided that my friend should change her name from Klos to Gadfly. She has a hard time passing up any opportunity to ask provocative questions or pass on information. She almost always advocates either the seller or the new owner join the WCHA. She is dedicated!! Good Person! :)