Semi-New to WCHA; hoping for help with canoe ID

Hi all,

I've been enjoying this site for awhile and have even posted a couple of questions, so I should probably introduce myself, even though I typically prefer passing through life quietly and without much of a wake.

My long-term goal is to find a W/C canoe from each of the major WI makers. To this end, I have a 15' Thompson Ranger that Dave Osborn is restoring, a shell of a Shell Lake (that appears to have been retrofitted with depth finder and fish locater, i.e., is missing lots of planking), and this little gem which I'm hoping is from WI, and is the next canoe headed to Dave's (I have little or no mechanical ability and just want canoes for gentle recreational use and hopefully to pass on as heirlooms).

I would greatly appreciate any ID information about the canoe. I have attached some pics. About all I know is secondhand info. It was found in Dubuque. It was said to be 100 years old. It appears to be about 11' 6" or so long. It looks like decking is missing. No ID. Looks like it had a hole for sail mast.

Thanks for the great resource,


Follow up: Pics do not seem to be posting. If anyone has mastered the upload and wouldn't mind me emailing the pics to him/her to post as part of thread, I would appreciate that. Thanks!
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