Rib spacing

Don Sable

Curious about Wooden Canoes
While stripping my 1921 OTCA and repairing rib ends I noticed that one side of the rib adjacent to the center thwart is skewed to one side such that it is much further from the adjacent rib than the rest of the ribs. My question is, should I pull the tacks on that side and reposition it or leave it as is.


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It's exaggerated because that is where the tapered side of the rib is reversed. It's worked fine as is for 90 years - leave it as is. If you move it, you'll be looking at the shadow of its former location.
Thanks for the quick reply. I was leaning that way. I am preparing to use the "Snappy Teak-Nu" bleach. Can you tell from my photos if you think it is stripped sufficiently for that?
Or would you wait until the new planking (where required) is attached? Thanks again.