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I recently obtained a 14 foot Peterborough cedar strip runabout. I am looking for any information (year, etc) that someone may have. The number stamped on the transom knee looks like 2111-5711, it is hard to read. There is also a plate on the dash the has the manufacturer - Peterborough, #95520 as well as the HP and weight ratings. I am just starting the resoration and would appreciate any information on this boat.


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The Peterborough runabout model “Aquaflyer” was made from the late 1940’s until 1959. The Aquaflyer model number changed four times after minor changes to the specs of the model. Your “Aquaflyer” with model # 2111 was built either1958 or 1959.

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I worked in one...

I used to work at Jack Lake in Apsley, ON and the camp had one of these boats with a 25 hp Johnson on her. We used to bring vacationers to the camp, ski, food, etc. all came up the lake via boat. Back in the mid fifties, that was the biggest motor you could get and when she was empty and you cranked the handle, she would stand on her end, slap down and plane very quickly. Many fond memories of that boat...
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Thanks for the replies. I understand that this type of boat might not be exactly what this forum was designed for so I appreciate your feedback. I am very excited about starting this restoration! In addition to the boat, I have picked up a 1958 35hp Johnson Super Seahorse also in pretty good shape. The label on the boat says it is rated for a 35 hp and all of the original Johnson controls, wiring harness are all present and intact so it should be a good match. Although, from what Woodchuck says, I may need to go easy on the throttle!?!?
Not to worry...

Not to worry... I my day we did not have steering wheels, etc. in order to save room for the guests whether alive or cargo. We sat in the back as far as we could go in order for her to stand up and smack. I don't think it will be a problem with a driver in the front seat.... IMHO
CYA, Joe Thanks for the photo's...
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