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I need to install new decks on an '43 OT Guide. The original decks have been replaced some time back so I have no pattern to work from. Can anyone provide the dimensions of a standard 16" Old Town deck? Thanks.
Joe Manning
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Old Town decks


This may help...these were ordered from Old Town for a 1942 HW model.


Ric Altfather


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1943 Guide Deck

Here is the deck of a 1943 CS Grade 18 foot Guide that I'm working on for my dad. The photo is not great, but I'll pull some dimensions off of it in the morning.

Here's some more information.

The length of the deck at the inwales is 16 in.

The width of the deck from inwale to inwale at the cutout is 5-3/4 in. If you draw a line from the crown of the cut out, 6 in. long, the width of the deck at that point is 2-1/16 in.

The thickness of the deck is 13/16 in.

I believe the deck is steam bent some.

I could trace the deck for you, but it going to be sometime before I get to a point where I can pull the deck out.

Let me know if you need other dimensions.


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HAve an OT Guide in the HdG MAritime Museum

Joe - we have a OT Guide of about that vintage in the museum, up in the rafters above the canoe area. You can get the dimensions from it.