What is proper deck length for 20' 1923 OT Guide Special?


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The volunteers and youth at Urban Boatbuilders in St. Paul are restoring a 20’ 1923 Old Town Guide Special. They have had troubles getting their question on the WCHA Forum, so I’m posting their question.

The serial number is 76506. The build record provided last year shows it to be a 1923 Guide Special. The build record also shows that the decks were birch but the length was not indicated.

Here's the problem. The bow end of this canoe was cut off and transformed into a square back. The remaining deck is 'mahogany'. Because the build record says the decks were birch they are thinking that the deck may have been replaced when they cut the bow end off. The mahogany deck measures 16" in length and looks proportionally too small for such a big canoe, 20 feet. Their guess is that the original decks may have been much longer.

What is the correct length for the decks in a 1923 20' OT Guide Special?

Would someone at the WCHA have the deck measurements and perhaps a photo for the decks for this 1923 OT Guide Special?


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The specifications at http://www.wcha.org/catalogs/old-town/specific.gif don't make any mention of special decks on the 20 foot long Guide's models and a friend has confirmed that the ones on his are '16" long, down one side and 5 3/4" at its widest point' on an example from 1949. Someone else may be able to confirm this on another example that is closer to the age of yours. Good luck,

hi Bsterling. I can help but am not a computer guy. I just brought home a 1921 OT Guide sp. Decks are triangular, short side 6in- long sides, 16 and slightly concave. When is a good time to reach you at Urban? I'm local. My canoe is 18 ft