Serial Number Dies


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Hi all,
I'm finishing up restoring a '43 OT Guide, Ser # 136774-18. It was in pretty poor condition and I had to replace both stems. To complete the work I'd like to imprint the original serial number onto the new stems. Can anyone direct me to a place where I can obtain (buy, rent or borrow) a set of number dies to match the Old Town digits.
Some years ago, Old Town was willing to stamp numbers on your stems for you, they probably still are. If you are near upstate NY, you can come by here, I have a set that matches the Old Town stamps well. Otherwise, keep your eye on Ebay, its the sort of thing that turns up regularly there...

So what's the secret for stamping the numbers in a completed boat.

Seems like this should be done before assembly over something very solid, like a large vise or anvil.

Nothing real secret about it, the number punches always win... i've done it both ways. You need three hands to do a loose stem. In the boat, just be sure it is well supported below the stamping zone. (I suppose my anvil would work for this too...just don't do it after a day at the forge :) )
Or if you're in Michigan

then I have some that look the same. And it really is easy to do on a finished canoe.